Rosewater for your hair

Rosewater for your hair? Yes, rosewater. No one likes crunchy locs. You’re never heard of rosewater. It is actually what the name suggests: a flavored water made by steeping rose petals in water.

When my locstars come in and tell me how dry brittle their hair, I recommend rosewater. Rosewater can be found Whole Foods, The Vitamin Shoppe or even Amazon for as little as $7.99 and as high as $30.99. As with food the more natural it is, the higher the price.

I personally like Organic Rose Water Spray by Eve Hansen. Rosewater moisturizes your hair and scalp as well help with conditioning and stimulates hair growth. You see all good things for your hair. I encourage you to give it a try and share your results with your fellow locstars.

~Erica “NOLALocStar” Williams-Parks

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