Buildup in Locs

I often surf the Internet looking at different YouTube videos. To my dismay, there are so YouTube videos about natural hair and locs (dreadlocks) only to get clicks not to inform. Sometimes I laugh at the misinformation that is spewed from their mouths. But it frustrates me that anyone can talk about a subject without truly being an expert. The number of subscribers (or followers) does not make one an expert. That YouTuber or Instagram ‘celeb’ is just popular. But I came across a YouTube video, What Causes Buildup in Locs. Jocelyn Reneé of CurlyNuGrowth said exactly what I tell my clients. Actually, recently I had one of my clients tell me that he puts Suave lotion and wanted to know why it was flaking. SMH! But have no fear you can get a detox for alleviating that buildup. I will talk more about what a detox in my next post. Until then, let me love on your hair. 

Please check this video and listen. Actually, subscribe to CurlyNuGrowth because she has a lot of good videos talking about locs and how to maintain healthy locs. Or simply check her website out.

-Erica ‘NOLALocStar’ Williams-Parks

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